Hi, I’m Desi Jagger

I love exploring perspectives. My friends range from 2 to 93 years old. I strike up conversations with strangers on the night bus. I’m curious about the story of the janitor’s daughter. I learn something from everyone.

I have become excellent at getting unstuck. After much deliberation, I left my well-paid but unfulfilling corporate job to follow my passion.  As a freelancer, I keep finding creative ways to get unstuck from routines and to re-ignite my motivation.

I am the worst and best traveller. I’ve been stuck at most airports. And whilst my friends vouch to never travel with me, I always find a way to get unstuck. Luckily for you, our coaching is usually over the phone or skype.

I work with people who want to get unstuck and are willing to put in the effort.

Is that you?