Pro bono coaching

I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and the people who support me. Pro bono coaching is my way to give a little something back.

Is this you?

A university student who is stuck in your career quest and hating it. You’re not sure what career you want and what you would be great at. Your parents have their own expectations… many of your friends are going in a specific direction… but is that right for you?

You have tried to get unstuck by yourself but it hasn’t worked. You feel you could benefit from external support and motivation but you just can’t afford coaching. You want to get clarity and move forward. You are prepared to open up and put in the effort to get what you want.

Good news! You are the perfect candidate for my pro-bono coaching program.


How it works


Pro-bono coaching

It works the same way as my paid coaching, except it’s free! We partner together, we work 1on1 and it’s completely confidential. More details on the FAQ page.


I don’t know where you live and I’m not going to check your bank statements to confirm you can’t afford a coach. I just trust you will do the right thing.

The process

I work with one pro bono client at a time. You apply below. If we have a good fit, I invite you for a 30min call to determine whether we want to work together. First come first served.

Our agreement

I commit to helping you get unstuck. You commit to 10 x 1h sessions, running weekly.

If our coaching relationship isn’t working, either of us can end it at any time.


Apply now!


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