Coaching for Individuals

Packages and prices may be updated at any time.

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Additional benefits

Free consultation

30min over phone or skype to discuss your needs and how coaching could help

Double session

The first  session (Discovery) lasts 2h but is charged as a single session

Free sessions

1 complementary coaching session for every person you refer who becomes my client

Payment & validity

Payment time

The total package is payable before the start of the first session (Discovery)


You can pay in AED, USD or GBP. I use TransferWise because it's faster and cheaper than bank transfers.


Validity is counted from the date of the first session (Discovery)

My clients say it’s worth it!

"It changed my life"

Dima Zein

OPD nurse manager, Medcare

Feb 2018

“I regained my self confidence”

I reached out to Desi when there was so much clutter in my head, I didn't know where to begin. Now I have much grasp on where I am and where I want to go. I'm much more comfortable in my own shoes and I have a more steady rhythm in my life...continue reading

Hisham Abdou

Head of channel sales, LInkedIn

"Desi made a significant impact on my life"

Desi has helped me in ways I never thought possible. She helped me be more at peace with myself. Life’s problems and struggles have become much more manageable than before the coaching... continue reading

Dr. Nadia Malik

Doctor, Dubai

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