Changemaker is a worldview

Changemakers come in all shapes and sizes, industries, gender, work experience and age. What they all have in common is the way they see world. The things that drive them. Their beliefs.


Are you a Changemaker?


Quiz: Are you a Changemaker?

From 1 to 10, how well does each of these statements describe you?

1 = that’s not me at all

10 = that’s totally me!

  • I make a positive impact in the world
  • I am an action-taker
  • I persevere in the face of adversity
  • I create change, I do not wait for it to hit me
  • I apply my creativity
  • I solve problems in unexpected ways
  • I make a difference to other people
  • I inspire others to do more, to be more
  • I am passionate
  • I am curious
  • I continuously stretch, grow and transform
  • I willingly step outside my comfort zone
  • I speak my truth even when it makes others uncomfortable
  • I see opportunities for improvement everywhere I look
  • I refuse to do things the way they have always been done
  • I actively develop myself
  • I learn new things all the time


Changemakers strongly agree with these statements. If you scored 7-10 on each statement, we should talk! Drop me a line on or explore how I support Changemakers like you.

About this quiz

My definition of Changemakers is based on my experience and qualitative research. It is a work in progress. I would love to hear your feedback and questions – share them here.