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Are you stuck?

In a job you don’t love…a bad habit…a difficult life choice. I’m Desi Jagger and I can help you get unstuck. 


 Coaching to get unstuck

Being stuck sucks.

I know because I’ve been there. I found a way that helps you get unstuck. It’s called co-active coaching and it really works.

It’s a partnership

You bring your challenge and a whole bag of honesty. I bring my energy (of which there is plenty!) and tools. I help you get clarity on what you want and take the first step… and then the next.

We work 1on1

Everything is customized for you at each specific moment – no cookie-cutter approach or predefined ‘ten steps to happiness’. And of course it’s 100% confidential.

I’m Desi Jagger

The professional stuff:

I am Your Get Unstuck Coach. I am certified with the world’s top coaching school, CTI. I coach using the co-active model. After 7 years of brand management at Procter & Gamble, I understand how the corporate world works. I know the guts it takes to leave it and the challenges of starting your own business.

The personal stuff:

I love life. I see the good in people. I thrive on learning new things. I’ve had lots of practice getting stuck – and have consequently become great at getting unstuck. I am a brain science geek. I am a survivor.  I believe in the power of the mind – and that we choose our mindset. I enjoy kayaking in big waves. One of my mottos is ‘creativity saved the cat’ – I prefer it to the original saying.

What my clients say

“It changed my life”

Dima Zein

OPD nurse manager, Medcare

Feb 2018

“I regained my self confidence”

I reached out to Desi when there was so much clutter in my head, I didn’t know where to begin. Now I have much grasp on where I am and where I want to go. I’m much more comfortable in my own shoes and I have a more steady rhythm in my life…continue reading


Hisham Abdou

Head of channel sales, LInkedIn

“Desi made a significant impact on my life”

Desi has helped me in ways I never thought possible. She helped me be more at peace with myself. Life’s problems and struggles have become much more manageable than before the coaching… continue reading


Dr. Nadia Malik

Doctor, Dubai

Is this you?

You are stuck in your career or life. You have tried to get unstuck by yourself but it hasn’t worked. You feel you could benefit from external support and motivation. You want to get clarity and move forward. You are prepared to open up and put in the effort to get what you dream of.

Good news! My best partnerships and results happen with people just like you. 

Try my coaching!

Book a free 30min coaching consultation. We’ll do some coaching and I’ll answer any questions you have. Most importantly, we’ll get a sense of whether we click and would enjoy working together.

Got more questions? See FAQs