New Year Masterclass:

Envision & Plan For Growth In 2022

The objective of this masterclass is to help you envision who you want to become as a person and leader in 2022.

Thought-provoking and highly interactive, this masterclass will guide you to close out 2021 with gratitude, set a personal growth vision for 2022 and make a plan to achieve it.

Who can attend?

This masterclass is currently offered to the Hershey team based in UAE


  • The 60min session uses a mix of theory, models, real-life stories, visualization exercises, self-reflection and group discussion
  • Delivered over Zoom
  • Highly engaging and interactive – please see testimonials below

Opportunity to win a 1on1 coaching session

  • There will be an opportunity for 2 people to win a 30min 1on1 coaching session
  • You can choose to focus on any topic, including relating to the masterclass
  • The 1on1 sessions are confidential
  • To enter the draw to win, please complete the feedback form at the end of the session 

The 5 E’s Leadership Model

The session is structured around the leadership model adapted from P&G and GE.


Visualize your desired outcome, choose the right mindset and overcome limiting beliefs



Focus on the one thing that will create the biggest impact


Connect with your team in a deep and meaningful manner, gain support from key stakeholders 


Make an action plan and implement it


Build resilience, become anti-fragile, persevere through challenges 

Timings & Registration

You will receive a calendar invite from HR. Please accept the invite in order to register your attendance. To join the session, please use the zoom link below.   

1 New Year Masterclass 21 Feb 2022, 11am-12pm (Dubai time)

Watch the recording

Download the workbook


"Top insights on how to lead remotely"

We hired Desi to deliver a development program for our top regional leaders, focusing on collaboration, trust and conflict management. She provided new perspectives and was able to challenge the way our leaders think, leveraging her experience of working with multiple large organizations.

The program enhanced the leaders’ self-awareness and re-focused them on how they can be better role-models for the rest of the organization. It was very interactive, a great learning experience and an opportunity to connect with and learn from peers. It provided insights on how to navigate team challenges when working remotely.  

Komal Khalid

Regional Talent & Development Manager at AkzoNobel

"Valuable insights and resources"

The program was successful in further transforming the mindset and behaviour of our leaders, bringing them closer together despite working remotely during the pandemic. Specifically:

  • Increased confidence and personal growth in their roles
  • Leaders’ wellbeing improved as they are better able to take care of themselves and balance their work and life despite the additional pressures of the pandemic
  • Despite the pandemic, the business stabilized following a period of difficulty

Desi brings her personal touch to everything she does – from sharing her inspiring personal story of overcoming adversity to providing a safe and confidential space where leaders can speak openly without feeling judged. We also appreciated her valuable ideas and resources. We trust her fully.

Faisal M. Sarkhou

CEO of Kamco Invest

"Inspired reflection and self-realization 

We partnered with Desi to deliver the opening session for the launch of our women’s network. The workshop focused on Self-Empowerment for Female Leaders. 

Right from the start, Desi put the participants at ease, defining a safe, open platform for us to be able to talk and share freely without fear of judgement. The session inspired a lot of reflection and self-realization. I had a moment where I could visualize myself as the leader I have always wanted to and it was a transformational moment for me!

This workshop was absolutely worth the investment. It is a great way to start a journey on empowering women in any organization.

Isil Ata

Head of Human Resources ME at J&J

About the Facilitator 

Desi Jagger

Desi Jagger

Certified Leadership Coach (CPCC, PCC)

Desi Jagger helps high potential leaders to sustain peak performance in times of complex change. She does this through 1on1 coaching and group workshops, equipping leaders with the right mindset and tools to bring out the best in themselves and others. 

What makes Desi who she is? Besides her 7 year experience at Procter & Gamble leading diverse multi-functional teams, doing brand management, training and coaching, she is also a cancer survivor. She has seen how our thoughts can help us overcome the toughest challenges, she has experienced how we adapt to changes in our emotions, behavior and physical bodies and she knows how mental clarity and focus can power us through anything. 

Desi has worked with leaders in companies like Johnson & Johnson, AkzoNobel, LinkedIn and more. She is a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) and CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) and is based in Dubai.

With Desi, you will get someone who respects the professional side of life and cares deeply for the personal. Her clients from all around the world walk away more self-aware, able to engage and more focused than when they began their coaching journey.


Desi has worked with clients from diverse seniority, industries and geographies.