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My Story #23 – What do you see?

Kayaking is one of my favourite things in life. I used to kayak fast and hard. The bigger the waves, the harder I would paddle and the more I would feel fulfilled.

Today is the first time I kayaked in a year (due to The Alien) and I took a different approach. I slowed down. I watched the jellyfish squeeze their blubbery tentacles to propel themselves forward. I felt the hot metal paddle under my fingers. I heard the echo of the open sea. I still love battling high waves and working hard, but changing pace allowed me to see a new perspective.


What are you not seeing right now?


Get unstuck by slowing down. What do you notice that wasn’t visible before? I have learnt how to slow down the hard way and I would be happy to make it easier for you. Book your free sample coaching session now and find out how.





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