Private Clients

In order to deliver sustainable results, I partner with my clients on a mid to long-term basis.

The pricing of my services is principle-based:

  • Partnership: I partner with my clients to support them in a more holistic way than just delivering the core work, over the long term
  • Value-creation: I deliver excellent results for my clients and my rates reflect that
  • Fairness: I offer the same rate to all my clients starting at a specific time
  • Transparency: I publish my rates on my website


for new clients

This highly individualised journey provides leaders the confidentiality and space to address more personal and sensitive topics than would be possible in a group context. The holistic approach combines the co-active coaching model with neuroscience and mind-body connection.  The insights are profound and the transformation long-lasting.

  • up to 2 coaching sessions per month, running over 12 months
  • 45-60min per session
  • Practical exercises between sessions
  • Fully customised and personalised
  • Delivered over Zoom

Investment in yourself:  2,772 USD + VAT for the first six months, then rolling monthly 462 USD + VAT per month.

Payment is made in advance (first 6 months in one go, then on a month-by-month basis)

*Please note that prices are subject to change