Pro bono workshops

During my journey with cancer, I learnt and tested many techniques for courage, mindfulness and resilience. I have distilled them into simple, practical exercises that can take as little as 10min to transform your mindset – and a as result, your body and your behaviour. 

I am grateful to be a survivor and it is my calling to share what I have learnt. My pro bono workshops are helpful for open-minded people who want to harness the power of their mind.

Participants’ feedback:

“What a difference an hour can make. Spend one with Desi. You will come away calmer, happier and definitely with a stronger ability to face negativity and fear. Desi is a friendly and warm-hearted professional coach, generous enough to offer pro bono sessions. Highly recommended.”

– Sharon Larkworthy


“I came away with a sense of calm and feeling at peace with myself. I also felt more positive about my life and I highly recommend your workshop, very beneficial.”

– Liz 

Upcoming workshops:


When and how to use it to make better decisions

6-7pm, Monday 1st April 2019 | Dubai Marina

We all know that feeling of knowing something, without being able to explain how we know it. It’s called intuition. Some dismiss it for magic, others swear by it. Researchers have spent decades trying to decode it and the debate is ongoing.

My journey with cancer was full of uncertainty and other people speculating what is going on inside of me. I reached the limit of rational thought, medical expertise, and absolute truths. This is when I learnt to tune into my intuition through consistent and deliberate practice (not to be confused with random and spontaneous emotion). Tapping into my intuition helped me make decisions I felt good about. I noticed that how and when I accessed my intuition affected the quality of insight it provided.

In this workshop, we will explore how we can use intuition to make better decisions.  I will share insights from scientific research and my own experience.  

You will learn:

  • What is intuition? What can be confused for intuition?
  • When can you trust your intuition?
  • How to use your intuition to get a reliable ‘answer’

You will experience:

  • A facilitated exercise to access your intuition – in relation to an important decision or topic in your life right now  

You will receive:

  • A video version of the facilitated exercise so you can practice it on your own
  • My favourite guided meditation for connecting with intuition

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Past workshops:

I am enough:

Finding inner peace in a world that constantly wants you to do more

6-7pm, Monday 18th March 2019 | Dubai Marina

In this frantic and competitive world, we have become obsessed with doing more. “I just need to do one more [thing]  and then I’ll be [positive emotion].”

But as soon as we have done that [thing], we are already aiming for the next [even bigger thing]. This leaves us exhausted and never feeling enough.

In this workshop, we will use positive affirmations to embrace where we are on our journeys. I will explain how the technique works and then we will experience it together. You will walk away feeling calm, grounded and enough.