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Pro bono workshops

During my journey with cancer, I learnt and tested many techniques for courage, mindfulness and resilience. I have distilled them into simple, practical exercises that can take as little as 10min to transform your mindset – and a as result, your body and your behaviour. 

I am grateful to be a survivor and it is my calling to share what I have learnt. My pro bono workshops are helpful for open-minded people who want to harness the power of their mind.

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I am enough:

Finding inner peace in a world that constantly wants you to do more

6-7pm, Monday 18th March 2019 | Dubai Marina

In this frantic and competitive world, we have become obsessed with doing more. “I just need to do one more [thing]  and then I’ll be [positive emotion].”

But as soon as we have done that [thing], we are already aiming for the next [even bigger thing]. This leaves us exhausted and never feeling enough.

In this workshop, we will use positive affirmations to embrace where we are on our journeys. I will explain how the technique works and then we will experience it together. You will walk away feeling calm, grounded and enough.