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Get Unstuck Story #24 – Staying positive in stressful times

Hospitals aren’t traditionally known as fun places. But why follow traditions that don’t serve you?

Before my checkup this morning, I took a long walk through Hyde Park with my husband Mark. I inhaled the fresh air. I watched the grass and imagined how green it would be if it wasn’t 6am and pitch black. We had a laugh. Oxygen definitely makes you high.

I opened my eyes after the procedure and, except for “How did it go?”, I had only one thing on my mind – “Where is my baked potato with vegetable ragout?” They make the best baked potatoes with vegetable ragout in the Royal Marsden hospital in London. You cannot imagine my shock and horror when they said “You’re fine, but there’s no baked potato.” I had to meditate to get over that.

Joke aside, jokes really help to keep positivity up. And fresh air helps with jokes.


Get unstuck by getting some fresh air. Inhale deep and fast. Enjoy the fresh perspective. If there’s a shortage of fresh air where you live, book your free coaching consultation with me here. I can’t promise fresh air but I’ll definitely bring some new perspectives.





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