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Hello, Changemakers

This page is not perfect

I am taking my time to update my website so I can serve you better. I’m swallowing my ego and going live without being fully ready – because it’s more important to connect with you than to look good.


Are you ok with imperfection? Keep scrolling.

You are making a difference

Beyond delivering the numbers, you want to make a positive impact on the people around you. You want to do good in the world.


Is this you?


Being a Changemaker is hard work

  • You constantly need to convince people about your ideas. Closed minds are so frustrating! 
  • You need to prioritise… but how do you let go of things without guilt or fear of missing out?
  • You want to be recognized and appreciated for the work you do, but it rarely happens.

Would you like some help with these challenges?


I'm here to support you

I’m Desi Jagger – Changemaker, life coach and survivor.


Life Coach Dubai - coaching Changemakers to make a difference


The short story: I help Changemakers like you to bring cool projects to life, to make an impact and to develop themselves. I live in Dubai and my clients are all over the world. I am a certified coach with CTI – the biggest coaching school globally. I am a cancer survivor. I love life and I am here to make a difference. You can read the long story here.


Would you like me to help you with your challenges?



Coaching for Changemakers

As a life coach for Changemakers, I help you to:

Balance work and life

Create space for yourself to breathe, reflect and grow. Refocus on what matters most. Feel good about your choices.

Feel appreciated

Give yourself credit for everything you have achieved. Feel heard, supported and cheered for. Celebrate whilst still feeling authentic.

Trust yourself

Connect with your intuition, follow your vision. Manage your insecurities when you face more critics than supporters.