I'm Desi Jagger and I help leaders to navigate complex change

I’m Desi Jagger – changemaker, certified coach and survivor.

I help leaders to sustain peak performance in times of complex change such as post-merger integration and organizational restructure. I do this through 1on1 and team coaching, equipping leaders with the right mindset and tools to bring out the best in themselves and others. I am based in Dubai and work online with clients all over the world. I am a cancer survivor. I love life and I am here to make a difference.


Coaching for organizations

In order to deliver sustainable results, I partner with my clients on a mid to long-term basis. The pricing of my services is principle-based:

  • Partnership: I partner with my clients to support them in a more holistic way than just delivering the core work, over the long term
  • Value-creation: I deliver excellent results for my clients and my rates reflect that
  • Fairness: I offer the same rate to all my clients starting at a specific time
  • Transparency: I publish my rates on my website


for high-performance teams

The program is highly interactive, customised and insightful. It is designed to create and sustain high-performance teams during times of complex change. Speciality: post-merger integration and organizational restructure.

  • Designed for 3-8 participants
  • Initial team assessment
  • 90min sessions, running monthly over 12 months
  • Delivered over Zoom

Investment in your leaders:  31,200 USD per team for the full program (2,600 USD per month)


for small groups

The program is highly interactive and thought-provoking. It is designed to support small groups of leaders and manager in navigating change and transition. Speciality: post-merger integration and organizational restructure.

  • Designed for 6-10 participants
  • 90min sessions, running monthly over 12 months
  • Delivered over Zoom

Investment in your leaders: 23,400 USD per group for the full program (1,950 USD per month)


for larger groups 

New Beginnings Masterclass

Thought-provoking and highly interactive, this masterclass guides participants to close out the last chapter of their work (ex. past fiscal year / quarter / pre-merger etc.)  with gratitude, set a personal growth vision for the upcoming chapter and make a plan to achieve it.

  • 60min
  • Delivered over Zoom

Investment in your people: 1,080 USD



for high potential leaders

12 months program, up to 2 coaching sessions per month

Sessions last 45-60min and are delivered over Zoom


 The biggest results my clients experience are:

  • Ability to sustain their best performance despite multiple change and uncertainty
  • Increased self-awareness and confidence
  • Improved team engagement and relationships

    Investment in your leaders: 7,800 USD per leader for the full program (650 USD per month)


    for the wider organization

    Change Starts with Your Mindset: 5 leadership lessons from surviving cancer

    Upbeat and motivational, this is my story of 5 profound and unusual lessons on how changing your mindset can change your life. The lessons are directly applicable to the business world. They are structured around the 5 E’s Leadership Model, adapted from P&G and GE.

    • 60min
    • Delivered over Zoom

    Investment in your people: 1,080 USD

    *Please note that prices do not include taxes and third-party fees and are subject to change

    Book a free consultation

    Let’s have a 30min call to discuss the specific challenges of your leaders and how I can help. If you are in Dubai, we can also meet person.


    What is the ROI of coaching?

    According to the ICF Global Coaching Study:

    • the mean ROI of coaching is 7
    • 86% of companies who invested in coaching made their investment back

    The study was conducted independently by PWC and ACR

    Who would benefit from coaching?

    Coaching is a partnership of trust and growth. It requires the individual to:

    • have a growth mindset – believing they have the capacity to learn and develop
    • want to be coached –  not doing it to tick a box or because their manager forced them to

    Specifically, my coaching is for Changemakers – leaders and high potentials who care about developing the people around them and making a difference in the world.

    How do we measure the effectiveness?

    We can do qualitative studies before and after the coaching to track shifts in key behaviours – for example, 360 assessment. 

    What is the difference between internal and external coaching?

    External coaching:

    • is unbiased and confidential – the coach does not lead the coachee to a pre-specified outcome which they think is right. Instead, the coach provides a safe and courageous space for the coachee to explore, reflect and choose the best option for them.
    • carries no judgment – the coach has no prior knowledge of the coachee and makes no assumptions about them as an employee
    • carries no vested interest – the coach cannot affect the coachee’s promotions, salaries etc. 

    With an external indepent coach the coachee can be fully authentic and honest about what is holding them back. This means we can address the root cause of the issue much more directly and quickly.

    What topics does coaching address?

    Coaching works for all topics, including personal growth, team relationships, career and wellbeing.

    The best practice is for the coachee to explore key opportunity areas with their manager, and then to bring the relevant coaching topics to each session.

    One of the biggest benefits of coaching is that it allows leaders to address issues they would not share with their manager or HR. This includes personal fears and family problems. 

    How do you build trust?

    Trust is built throughout the coaching journey. Specifically:

    • The content of coaching sessions is confidential. The coachee chooses what to share with their manager or HR.
    • The coachee and I co-design our partnership, sharing expectations and clearing assumptions upfront. We re-design throughout the journey as needed.
    • As an external independent coach, I am unbiased and not leading the coachee to a pre-specified outcome. This helps them feel safe and to open up.