Hello, Changemakers

You are making an impact

Beyond delivering the numbers, you are making a positive impact on the people around you. You are making a difference to the world.


Is this you?


Being a Changemaker is hard work

  • You constantly need to convince people about your ideas. Closed minds are so frustrating! 
  • You need to prioritise… but how do you let go of things without guilt or fear of missing out?
  • You feel alone in your mission, like you are light years ahead of everyone else.

Would you like some help with these challenges?


I'm here for you

I’m Desi Jagger – Changemaker, certified life coach and survivor. I help Changemakers like you to develop themselves and to make an impact. I live in Dubai and my clients are all over the world. I am a cancer survivor. I love life and I am here to make a difference. More about me.


Would you like me to help you with your challenges?


Coaching for Changemakers

As a life coach for Changemakers, I help you to:

Balance work and life

Create space for yourself to breathe, reflect and grow. Refocus on what matters most. Feel that you are doing enough – and that you are enough.

Have an independent thinking partner

Explore your craziest ideas in a safe space. Feel heard. Be fiercely challenged and unconditionally supported.

Trust yourself

Leverage all of your intelligences – your brain, your gut and your heart. Develop an unshakeable belief in yourself. Stop adopting other people’s insecurities.


What my clients say

“I am more confident than ever to go for my dreams – my way. Coaching was the beginning of my personal transformation”…continue reading

Ereka Heng

Procter & Gamble, China

“I regained my self confidence. I reached out to Desi when there was so much clutter in my head, I didn’t know where to begin”…continue reading

Hisham Abdou

Head of channel sales, LinkedIn

“Coaching with Desi changed my life”

Dima Zein, OPD nurse manager, Medcare

See all testimonials

How coaching works

Coaching is a journey

It is not a silver bullet. Some breakthroughs happen within minutes, others take time as you learn and grow. You go further, deeper and faster with me as your coach than you would alone.

It's unbiased and confidential

Even if your company is paying for it. I don’t guide you to a pre-specified ideal outcome. Instead, I help you to explore opportunities, to choose what is right for you and to get there.


Coaching is an investment

You put in time and effort, not just money. Coaching is not a way to outsource your problems for someone else to fix. It is a partnership that helps you grow as a human and a professional, enabling you to find a way forward.

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Take your time to consider this. You want to create impact – what are you willing to give up to make that happen? What is personal growth worth to you?


Your journey starts here

In order to serve you better, I have bespoke offerings for individual Changemakers and for organizations.


Coaching for individual Changemakers


1on1 coaching for new clients

6 months coaching engagement

11 core coaching sessions, over the first three months | 60min each

4 follow up calls over the next three months | 30min each

One 10min call per week, if you need immediate coaching support

What’s app and email support anytime

Bespoke exercises between sessions

Investment in yourself: 1,700 USD


1on1 coaching deep dive

3h deep dive into who you are and what matters most to you (split into 2h + 1h the following week)

A bespoke exercise between sessions

Follow up to deepen what you have learnt and how you can apply it

Investment in yourself:  465 USD


1on1 guided visualization

2 x 30min guided visualization sessions to create the outcome you want.

Video tutorial on the science of visualization and tips on how to do it effectively on your own.

Investment in yourself:  170 USD

Book a free consultation

Let’s have a 30min call to discuss your specific challenges, dreams and how I can help. 


Is it confidential?

Absolutely. Coaching and consultations are 100% confidential.

Can I have coaching if I'm not in Dubai?

Of couse. Most coaching happens over phone or skype.

Where does coaching take place?

Over the phone, skype, or face-to-face in my Coaching Atelier in Dubai Marina.

What topics can I be coached on?

Any topic you want, including personal growth, career, wellbeing, and relationships.

How do I pay?

Payment is made before the first session, in Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED). I personally use TrasnferWise because it’s cheaper than bank transfers.

What happens in a coaching session?

We start by debriefing your accountability from the previous session. How did it go? What did you learn?

We then address the topic you have chosen for this session. We do this via thought-provoking questions, visualization, embodiment and other creative and proven techniques of the co-active model.

At the end, we summarize the key aha’s and agree a new accountability to further your development before the next session.

Watch a real 15min coaching session I did with my client Dima.

Is coaching like therapy or counselling?

There are two main differences. First, coaching is future-focused. You briefly summarize the background and then we focus on where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. Second, we are equal partners. You are expert at your own life and I am expert at bringing clarity and driving action.

Coaching for organizations


for individual Changemakers

12 months coaching engagement

11 core coaching sessions, over the first three months | 60min each

9 follow up coaching sessions over the next nine months | 60min each

One 10min call per week, for immediate coaching support

What’s app and email support anytime

Bespoke exercises between sessions

– for HR and L&D –

Strategy and best practices brainstorms and consultancy

Management of all admin and session bookings

Anonymous trends reports on biggest challenges

Investment in your leaders: 5,100 USD


for leadership team

2x 60min workshops within a month

Tailor-made around one of your key challenges (ex. how to create a mindset shift)

Highly interactive and practical

Exercise to complete between sessions

Small group of 10-15 leaders

Investment in your leaders:  1,360 USD


for the wider organization

30min inpspirational talk and Q&A

Real-life stories with practical application – watch an example

Topics include courage, perseverance and leveraging the power of the mind

Unlimited number of participants

Investment in your people:  680 USD

Book a free consultation

Let’s have a 30min call to discuss the specific challenges of your leaders and how I can help. If you are in Dubai, we can also meet person.


What is the ROI of coaching?

According to the ICF Global Coaching Study:

  • the mean ROI of coaching is 7
  • 86% of companies who invested in coaching made their investment back

The study was conducted independently by PWC and ACR

Who would benefit from coaching?

Coaching is a partnership of trust and growth. It requires the individual to:

  • have a growth mindset – believing they have the capacity to learn and develop
  • want to be coached –  not doing it to tick a box or because their manager forced them to

Specifically, my coaching is for Changemakers – leaders and high potentials who care about developing the people around them and making a difference in the world.

How do we measure the effectiveness?

We can do qualitative studies before and after the coaching to track shifts in key behaviours – for example, 360 assessment. 

What is the difference between internal and external coaching?

External coaching:

  • is unbiased and confidential – the coach does not lead the coachee to a pre-specified outcome which they think is right. Instead, the coach provides a safe and courageous space for the coachee to explore, reflect and choose the best option for them.
  • carries no judgment – the coach has no prior knowledge of the coachee and makes no assumptions about them as an employee
  • carries no vested interest – the coach cannot affect the coachee’s promotions, salaries etc. 

With an external indepent coach the coachee can be fully authentic and honest about what is holding them back. This means we can address the root cause of the issue much more directly and quickly.

What topics does coaching address?

Coaching works for all topics, including personal growth, team relationships, career and wellbeing.

The best practice is for the coachee to explore key opportunity areas with their manager, and then to bring the relevant coaching topics to each session.

One of the biggest benefits of coaching is that it allows leaders to address issues they would not share with their manager or HR. This includes personal fears and family problems. 

How do you build trust?

Trust is built throughout the coaching journey. Specifically:

  • The content of coaching sessions is confidential. The coachee chooses what to share with their manager or HR.
  • The coachee and I co-design our partnership, sharing expectations and clearing assumptions upfront. We re-design throughout the journey as needed.
  • As an external independent coach, I am unbiased and not leading the coachee to a pre-specified outcome. This helps them feel safe and to open up.