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merger & acquisition

Leadership coaching with Desi Jagger helps you to empower yourself and your team

“The business stabilized after much difficulty

What challenges did the organization experience before deciding to start looking for a solution?

Kamco Invest was formed by the merger of Kamco and Global, two companies with their own and differing cultures. There was a need to integrate the cultures and unify it amongst the leaders who were not used to working together and were used to their old mindset and management styles. As a result, there was a loss of potential that we were missing affecting our efficiency as teams attempted to address differences instead of maximising opportunities and driving the business forward.

We realized that systems integration and new strategy would need to be complemented with a leadership development program to help the leaders connect better via common values and to work better together.

Why did you choose to work with Desi vs someone else?

We received proopsals from several vendors. What stood out about Desi was…


…her ability to truly understand our needs and her flexibility to meet our requirements vs delivering a more customized program.

She illustrated high emotional intelligence, asking the right questions and making us think in a different way. Desi is very natural and approachable and we believed our leaders would be able to easily open up with her. This was very important because we knew there were sensitive issues that needed to be addressed and the facilitator would have to establish trust quickly.

What services were delivered?

The leadership development program included our top 30 leaders, including the CEO and executive leaders.

The program included mastermind group sessions, as well as 1on1 coaching. We recognized that the deeper root cause of the issues would not be shared in a group setting, but it was critical to address this. This is why we had the 1on1 sessions as well.

What were the objectives of the program?

The objectives of the program were to:

  • bring the leaders closer together
  • improving personal and interpersonal understanding and relations


  • The objective of the group sessions was for the leaders to resolve their differences and to connect through common values.
  • The objective for the 1on1 coaching was to give leaders the space to address and overcome their own frustrations and barriers, which in turn would make them relate better to their peers and teams.
What were the results for the individuals, teams and the organization?

The program was successful in further transforming the mindset and behaviour of our leaders, bringing them closer together despite working remotely during the pandemic. Specifically:

  • Deeper connection as leaders began to better accept and understand each other with a unifies mission rather than as “acquiring vs acquired company”
  • Collaboration improved and leaders are no longer afraid to ask their peers for advice and support
  • Increased confidence and personal growth in their roles
  • Leaders’ wellbeing improved as they are better able to take care of themselves and balance their work and life despite the additional pressures of the pandemic
  • Changed how we run management meetings, addressing the pain points more directly
  • Despite the pandemic, the business stabilized following a period of difficulty
How long did it take before you started seeing results?

Individual leaders reported improvements within the first few sessions. On an organizational level, we began to see positive results after 3 months. We assessed this both quantitively and qualitatively.

What were the benefits?

Desi brings her personal touch to everything she does – from sharing her inspiring personal story of overcoming adversity to providing a safe and confidential space where leaders can speak openly without feeling judged. We also appreciated her valuable ideas and resources.

What was your experience in working with Desi?

Desi is collaborative and transparent. We had full visibility and valuable insights at every point in the program. She was agile and adapted the program based on participants’ feedback.

Desi took a lot of stress away from us by managing all the logistics and details of the program. She is an excellent planner and organizer. We trust her fully.

Was it worth the time and investment?

Definitely worth it.

Who would you recommend this program to?

To professional organizations and people businesses

Faisal M. Sarkhou

CEO of Kamco Invest


mindset shift

“Desi brought fresh perspective”

At AkzoNobel, we have extensive training and development programs. However, having seen how interactive and insightful Desi’s workshops are, we realized we could benefit from her fresh external perspective.

We hired Desi to deliver a development program for our top regional leaders, focusing on collaboration, trust and conflict management. She provided new perspectives and was able to challenge the way our leaders think, leveraging her experience of working with multiple large organizations.

The program enhanced the leaders’ self-awareness and re-focused them on how they can be better role-models for the rest of the organization. It was very interactive, a great learning experience and an opportunity to connect with and learn from peers. It provided insights on how to navigate team challenges when working remotely.  

Desi quickly understood our vision and catered to all our development needs. She is highly collaborative, flexible and a pleasure to work with.

Working with Desi was absolutely worth our time and investment. The leaders gave excellent feedback and all of them said they wanted to work with Desi again. Her programs are perfect for diverse global organizations with remote teams.

Komal Khalid

Regional Talent & Development Manager at AkzoNobel

“Desi changed my life”

Desi has a real talent to connect instantly with people. I never experienced a conection with someone I have never met in person, like I did with Desi. She managed to get through to me by being engaged in a very thoughtful way and we built a trustful relationship remotely. Our journey was very exciting.

Thanks to the coaching, I completely changed my way of looking into uncomfortable situations. I am an emotional and quite sensitive individual. During this journey, I discovered a new side in me which doesn’t take anything personally and is capable of having uncomfortable conversations with little emotions attached.

I learnt to take a bird’s eye view on situations and increased my empathy of others’ needs and goals.

Desi helped me reconnect to myself with different techniques. This made my self-belief stronger than ever. She changed my life.

Swen Ehlender

Director of Marketing, Four Seasons Hotel, Saudi Arabia

“Definitely worth the investment”

Before the coaching, I was underwater, but completely unaware of it. It soon became clear that my situation wasn’t typical or healthy. The coaching helped me rise above the surface, breathe normally, and see the real colours of my environment.

It helped me becoming more aware of my feelings and better manage my reactions. I started stepping out of the overwhelming events more often than before and looked at the bigger picture. I also started taking better care of my health and personal habits.

Desi has a subtle and smooth way of steering the conversation. I recommend her coaching for busy leaders with fast-paced lifestyles, which they don’t know how to take control of. Also, those who have complicated personal and work relationships.

The experience was definite worth the time and investment.

Adel Alhamzah

CEO at Medad Offices, Saudi Arabia

The best investment in yourself

At first, I thought I had everything in my professional arsenal to continue with my professional success, so I was a bit sceptical that I could learn something new. Desi helped me realize that I was far from where I wanted to be and I am so grateful for that!

As a founder and senior leader, I have achieved a great deal in my career but knew that I lacked organization and focus of the daily routine. Desi helped me realize what I didn’t know and gave me the tools to get me on a path of where I aspired to be.

As a result, I had a clearer picture of the journey, I am better organized, and began to properly delegate. As a leader, I have the confidence, know-how, and mindset of where I am going thanks to Desi.

The impact was huge. We are now seeking to scale our work in my start-up and I am building stronger relationships with my colleagues. 

Desi is perfect for the client who is leading and experiencing doubt, insecurity, and feels burned out. I am grateful for her ongoing support, her inspirational journey, and her love of helping others. You will not be disappointed!

Dr. Sarah Ghaleb

Founder - The KEYSS Project, KSA

“Built stronger working relationships”

I appreciated the warmth and support throughout this journey since our first meeting. Desi made it very easy for me to be vulnerable and is unusual for me. I also appreciated her assertion in holding me accountable for my commitments and calling out any inconsistent behaviour and mindsets, which are often helpful in triggering further self-reflections.

I particularly enjoyed the discussions of my values and how they manifest across the different parts of my professional and personal life. I have never attempted to articulate them but after that exercise, it became a lot clearer to me what I hold strongly to, and this has been reinforced in my leadership style as my unwavering ‘north star.’ 

As a regional function, we often have to influence without authority – but through my heightened self-awareness, I was able to translate my values into guidance and stewardship for my team and lead by example, including conflict management (which I actively avoided before our work together).

As a result, my team was also channelling the values of support and harmony when working with local teams to maximize our joint impact, and this was widely echoed across numerous stakeholders. This enabled us to get sustainable results because of the stronger working relationships in a dynamic and complex organizational structure. 

Desi’s coaching is ideal for emerging leaders, who have a sense of who they are and what they stand for but have not fully fleshed it out. It is also important to be willing to invest in yourself and commit to it – the coaching requires a lot of self-reflection, mental bandwidth and a willingness to be challenged. 

100% worth my time and investment

Khee Lim

Senior Director - Regional Logistics, talabat, Dubai

“Resulted in a new leadership assignment”

I really enjoyed the coaching journey with Desi. Her honesty, sense of understanding and sensibility fostered a trustful environment and an open-minded discussion from day one.

Her unparalleled listening skills helped me to open up, to connect with my ‘inner me’, to be at peace and recharge from deep down. Recognizing my worth, I learnt how to cherish myself to be able to spread empathy around.

Desi put me at my ease and challenged me at the same time. She got me to step out of my comfort zone, live and face challenging conversations and be able to express myself. I learnt how to control my emotions instead of fearing or avoiding them or blaming myself.

The coaching journey was productive, empowering and challenging in the same time. I became more self-aware and confident, learnt to show vulnerability and empathy. This enabled me to grow as inspirational leader and be a role model for my team, to give honest feedback and gain their trust.

As a result, I got a new leadership assignment that I am very excited about.

I would recommend Desi’s coaching to ambitious leaders who want to thrive and fulfil their potential.

Sinda Stambouli

Regulatory Affairs Senior Manager at Amgen

“Brought the team closer together

The wellbeing program provided an open platform for my team to discuss their struggles and day to day challenges they face as human beings and professionals.

The group coaching workshops were interactive and practical, equipping the team with management tools to help them establish and sustain new beneficial habits. They were not only able to resolve their current challenges, but are now also equipped to better navigate future uncertainty. The 1on1 sessions allowed individuals to address their specific barriers in a confidential manner. This has brought the team closer together and improved an already great culture.

Desi truly understood our unique challenges and needs, she came up with creative solutions and adapted the sessions to fit us. She cares deeply for her clients, which makes working with her meaningful, rather than transactional. The whole program felt very personal.

This program is for leaders who care about the physical and mental wellbeing of their teams. If you believe that mindset and culture can be a differentiator, then working with Desi is a great choice.

The program was 100% worth the investment and time. Having a healthier, happier, more engaged workforce is priceless.

Peter Lane

Business Manager, One Ethicon UAE & Kuwait, J&J

“My team’s engagement increased”

I really appreciated and looked forward to our sessions, they were always challenging in the best way. Desi is open, non-judgmental, and firm enough to maintain accountability.   

As a result of the coaching, I have radically changed my lifestyle, my thought processes, and my approach to leadership. I am less quick to temper and judgment, and more coherent in my management style.

It is no surprise that engagement in my teams has increased, offices have improved, and revenues grown.

Coaching is perfect for leaders who recognize the importance of self-reflection.

I have been rewarded ten-fold for my time and investment.

Colin Christie

VP People & Administration at Unifonic

“Leaders felt more creative, resourceful and empowered”

During my term at American Hospital as COO, I contracted with Desi Jagger to provide coaching to our physician and manager teams as part of our leadership development program.

I appreciated her ability to quickly understand the challenges that our leadership teams were working to address. Many leaders stated that the coaching they received from Desi enabled them to move forward to address their current challenges and to appreciate the value that they brought to the organization. They felt more creative, resourceful and empowered.

Coaching is perfect for supervisors, managers, directors and senior leadership. Coaching can enable us to see problems from different perspectives and allow us to explore more creative solutions.

Gary Petersen

CEO of TSESI in Dubai

“Helped me change my management style and mindset”

The biggest thing I got out of the coaching was overcoming my fears and better visualizing my journey. I learnt new techniques that helped me change my management style and mindset. I became more courageous and able to take risks.

I also transferred the knowledge to my team. Now I can better assess their performance and support them to grow.

Desi is genuine and gets you to speak freely without hesitation. The coaching is perfect for senior leaders who are so busy that they forget to pause and reflect on themselves and how to grow.

I would absolutely recommend this experience.

Mashael Ghouth

Senior Director of Sales, ROSHN GROUP, Saudi Arabia

“I finished my year with exceptional results”

Desi’s way of engaging brings a lot of humanity and personalization to topics which require depth. She makes you feel understood.

I had 3 key goals which I felt stuck on. Desi’s coaching helped me to ask myself the right questions, and to have a more realistic awareness of the circumstances of my work. I became more focused.

As a result, I was able to narrow down on specific issues and not get caught up in the background noise. This allowed me to finish my year with exceptional results, and also bring a lot more empathy to my leadership style.

The coaching is perfect for leadres with genuine career aspiration. They need to be ready to come with personal and professional cards on the table and speak openly. Desi’s coaching very much touches on both.

I genuinely looked forward to my sessions and the journey was a worthwhile investment.

Saeed Alajou

GM of UAE and International Expansion at Unifonic

“I gained confidence to effectively communicate and lead”

I am so thankful for the opportunity to gain insight into how I can better serve my team. I appreciate the patience and listening skills of Desi who has helped me to understand my team better and how to effectively communicate with them. 

It has been worth the time and effort to learn how to be more willing to adapt and change my communication style in order to achieve the best outcome for everyone. 

I have found that by utilizing a more open and collaborative approach, I am able to better understand the needs of the team and create an environment where everyone is able to work together to reach common goals. 

Through this process, I have gained so much confidence in my ability to effectively communicate and lead. 

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow during this coaching journey. I am inspired to use this newfound knowledge to continue to serve my team better and create an environment of growth and success.

Robbert Pupping

Director of Food and Beverage, Four Seasons Hotel, Saudi Arabia

“Every second was worth the investment”


Ketan Kapoor

Director of Risk Management at Kamco Invest

“Desi is resourceful and provides ideas and perspectives on leadership challenges”

Coaching with Desi was extremely helpful and productive to both my self-development and my career. Desi has a very compassionate and warm personality which encourages you to open up but she also has the resourcefulness to provide solutions and perspectives on different challenges that you face in your career.

She heled me identify and focus on several developmental areas.  One of my biggest achievements during this coaching journey was the ability to look inwards to solve professional challenges, not just outwards.

Coaching is perfect for leaders to identify what is holding them back, to resolve challenges and to improve their team’s dynamics.

Sulaiman Al-Rubaie

Managing Director at Kamco Invest

“Simply transformational”

Coaching with Desi empowered me to be think more strategically. It gave me clarity and allowed me to look at things from a wider perspective. This freed up a lot of head space and allowed me to focus on bigger, more strategic projects instead of firefighting.

One of my biggest achievements is stepping up my delegation and team empowerment. We now communicate more openly. I nurtured, encouraged and supported my team to come along on the journey and so they were excited to take on more responsibility and they also stepped up.

Desi has an incredibly calm and controlled coaching style and at the same time she challenges your thinking from the from the get go. In one word, my coaching journey with her has been transformational.

I highly recommend Desi to any leader looking to take the next step in their career and development.

Maria Morris

Partner and Head of Residential at Knight Frank ME

Reminded us about the power of the mind

The inspirational talk reminded us about the power of the mind – that we hold the solution within us, and we just need to be self-aware and expand our perspective in order to see it. Desi brought these lessons to life with a true personal story, structured in a way that fits professional life. She is genuine and impactful because she actually practices what she preaches.

This inspirational talk is relevant across industries and seniority levels. It touches us as humans and as business people who continuously navigate change, uncertainty and the cycles of life. Was it worth the investment? 100% – no doubt about it.

Fadi Cachecho

GM MEA & Sales Strategy and Capability AEMEA – The Hershey Company

The team was empowered to lead their own change

Desi’s inspirational talk comes with her real personal story and emotions, which makes it easily relatable. She was genuine and adaptable to my team’s needs.

Whilst we have ongoing capability programs in our organization, bringing in an external perspective was refreshing and mind-opening. It focused the team on the importance of their mindset (above and beyond functional skills).

The talk touched both the personal and professional side. People were empowered to lead their own change, rather than the organization driving them to do so.

It enriched our life experience and was certainly worth the time and investment.

Hristina Georgieva

Marketing Director, Coca-Cola HBC

“Instant impact”  

We invited Desi to deliver her inspirational talk during our quarterly team meeting. It was engaging and helped to frame the strategic discussions for the rest of the day.

There was an instant impact – realising that resilience can come through celebrations, not just toughness and discipline, sparked the idea that we need to work on some positive rituals.

The story is authentic and told with a clear structure and applicability. It wasn’t just a talk – there was engagement, as well as a self-reflection exercise.

The session is perfect for organizations going through difficult change – or wanting to nudge their teams to make a positive change.

Inspiring and worth the investment.

Bosko Popeskov

Country Manager, The Coca-Cola Company

“Perfect for companies dealing with major change”  

I was impressed by how positive and easy-going Desi is, and at the same time, her attitude and attention to each element of our work were very professional.

Her inspirational talk was full of charisma and grabbed the audience’s attention easily. The participants were inspired and saw things from a different perspective.

This talk is perfect for companies dealing with major change or experiencing stress.

100% worth the time and investment.

Irina Ilieva-Nikolova

Regional Manager, Communities Operations EMEA, VMware

“Highly engaging”

We hired Desi to deliver a group coaching session for Johnson & Johnson, focused on navigating uncertainty. I loved how interactive the session was. My biggest ‘aha’ moment was realizing that many things are out of our control but by focusing on what we can change helps make all the difference.

 The workbook provided also helped me to go through the coaching journey. I recommended this session for empowering employees in times of uncertainty and change, like we are going through now with the pandemic. It was definitely worth the investment based on the excellence attendance and participation we had.

Minoshka Correa

Global Health Services Lead ME at J&J

The audience felt re-energized and inspired

2020 has been a very difficult year for all of us, and with a new year full of uncertainties kicking off, I thought that focusing on resilience and how to keep moving forward despite the challenges was important for myself and my colleagues.

Desi was invited to speak at an internal company meeting and everyone felt humbled, re-energized and inspired by her story. I am truly grateful to have worked and learned from such an amazing soul, highly recommend!

Iman Eddbali

Healthcare Transformation Manager ME at J&J

“Helped me drive cultural change in my team”

The coaching enabled me to reflect and get some real insights into my leadership style and myself as a whole. I became crystal clear on what I want to achieve as a leader. I also got better at focusing on priorities, driving them through to completion and recognizing progress. As a result, was better able to align my team around a common purpose, to create a cultural change and to move the business forward.

Desi is assertive without even a hint of aggression – she keeps me accountable and doesn’t let me play small. She always gets me back on track when I start to deviate. She has a very calming energy which works well with my rather frenetic energy. Desi would be a great coach for leaders who need to slow down and think things through.

It was definitely worth the time and investment and I not only benefitted a lot from the experience but I also enjoyed it.

Rebecca Sinnatt

Head of Product Business at Fujitsu UK&I

Trustworthy and collaborative

Desi is a learning and development partner for Grant Thornton. She delivered several group coaching workshops for our managers. The workshops received excellent feedback from the participants, especially for their high engagement and meaningful reflection and discussion.

Desi is highly collaborative and trustworthy. She takes initiative and is able to co-create development plans that fit with the big picture strategy, whilst also being pragmatic and immediately applicable. She truly understands her clients’ needs and provides valuable consultancy along with her programs. Definitely worth the investment.

Her programs are ideal for organizations that want to develop their people to develop and embrace different perspectives.

Dalia Zaghou

Head of People & Culture at Grant Thornton

100% worth the investment”  

We hired Desi to deliver a self-empowerment session for the D&I network across the region. Her style is engaging and natural, which really opens up the floor for everyone to participate. Desi was excellent at finding common ground with the participants to get them to open up and share what they’re really feeling even if it’s uncomfortable.

Employees realized that they aren’t alone in their challenges. They are now able to change their mindset and support each other.

This session is perfect for executives who are looking to explore different perspectives and ways of empowering themselves and their teams. It was 100% worth the investment.

Thamer Fahmi

Rewards Manager MEA at AkzoNobel

Inspired reflection and self-realization”  

We partnered with Desi to deliver the opening session for the launch of our women’s network. The workshop focused on Self-Empowerment for Female Leaders.

Right from the start, Desi put the participants at ease, defining a safe, open platform for us to be able to talk and share freely without fear of judgement. The session inspired a lot of reflection and self-realization. I had a moment where I could visualize myself as the leader I have always wanted to and it was a transformational moment for me!

This workshop was absolutely worth the investment. It is a great way to start a journey on empowering women in any organization.

Isil Ata

Head of Human Resources ME at J&J

“Helped me to become a better leader”

From the beginning, I was challenged to step up from my comfort zone and really work on the pain points that were hindering me from being an inspirational leader. As I had never been coached before, I was dreading to open up but Desi made it all easy. Before I met her, I was on “action” mode every waking second doing my best to deliver professionally and on a personal level with my husband and kids. In few months, I learned how to “be”, how to let go of certain things without the feeling of guilt, how to challenge myself and accept being in a zone of discomfort to grow.

The coaching was a self-awareness journey that helped me identify my development areas to become a better leader.

Amna Kooli

Patient access & HEOR Lead at Novartis MEA

“I achieved my key professional milestones”  

Coaching with Desi was an eye opener for some of my improvement areas. Thanks to this, I was able to achieve professional goal which I had for years, but never knew how to address. Desi has very natural and warm way of working, which allows you to open up easily while still being fully focused on your goal. She helped me to put together a plan and to achieve successive milestones.

Every leader would benefit from coaching, even those who don’t have major issues. You just need the desire to be a better version of yourself. You’ll be surprised what you can discover about yourself and how much you can grow. Without any doubt, the coaching was 100% worth my investment.

Abdullah AlSharekh

Managing Director at Kamco Invest, Kuwait

Perfect for complex organizations

I am usually skeptical about online sessions, but this workshop was very engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed the practical exercises, especially the mindfulness meditation. This session would be perfect for matrix organizations where people face complexity and increased stress

Harris Mahmood

CFO at AkzoNobel

Allowed me to grow in an authentic way

Out of all my coaching engagements, working with Desi has been the most helpful and productive. Through her guidance and support, I was able to not just learn more about myself but more importantly, act on these realizations. Her questions and exercises may seem simple but they’re actually quite insightful and purposive. There’s no wasted time with Desi because every session and every action is relevant and rooted on your coaching objective, resulting in meaningful progress.

Ultimately, my coaching journey with Desi has allowed me to grow in a way that is authentic and true to myself. There were moments of discomfort, of challenging myself, but it never felt forced or like I was trying to become something that I was not. It was always about becoming more in tune with myself – with my core values, my capabilities, and even my own barriers to growth – so that I am able to stretch and become a better version of myself.

With Desi’s help, I was able to refocus on things that were within my control. She helped me free myself from energy-sapping distractions, reframe my perspective, and focus on things where I could add value. This allowed my team and I to create a more engaged and productive environment that maximized everyone’s strengths.

Desi’s coaching will benefit anyone who values growing authentically – someone who seeks to understand what’s holding them back and more so, discover what’s within their power to move forward and get ahead. I am equally appreciative of both the concrete results and the coaching journey itself. As long as you are open and committed, this will surely be an enjoyable and worthy investment. 

Karen Elmido

Brand Director, JT International, Manila

“Perfect for building Next Generation Leaders”

Desi helped me to expand my leadership skills and potential. She actively involves and understands what you already know and are good at and where you need to raise the bar. What I appreciated most about working with her was how he built a candid coaching relationship.

The biggest “aha” moment for me was reflecting on my values and prioritizing the ones which I resonate well with in both my professional and personal life.

Desi’s coaching is perfect for senior leaders who want to not only excel but also foster their team members to grow into Next Generation Leaders.

Sanjay Chaudhary

Director of Compliance at Amazon India

“Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do”

Positive vibes, safe space, listening to understand (not listening to respond) is what I appreciate most about working with Desi. Coaching helps you to find answers by yourself, from within. Most of the time it wasn’t even about the answers but about the journey of arriving to them. The sessions helped me put things into perspective and made me realize that many times things are worse in my head, than they are in reality. This brought calm and courage to face the challenges.

Desi’s coaching is for those who have been prioritizing everything else except themselves. It’s time to invest some time to grow not only our bank accounts, but also our emotional and self-awareness accounts.

Marta Walus-Shahin

Brand Manager, P&G, Dubai

“Enabled me to better support my team”

Coaching with Desi allowed me to focus 100% on my development as a leader and human being. I got a clear sense of purpose and core values, which improved my sense of the bigger picture and how best to be of value to others. I was also able to identify and address self-sabotaging habits. As a result, I have further increased my focus and engagement at work, whilst providing better overall support to my team.

Desi creates a highly supportive and confidential environment where you can open up and address the challenges that really matter. Her coaching is perfect for managers and leaders who want to develop themselves and to discover what really makes them tick so that they can increase their value and contribution at work.

Definitely worth the time and investment.

Neil Blakey

Facilities Lead at Johnson & Johnson

“I discovered my self-worth”

My biggest achievement from the coaching was understanding my self-worth and my values. As a result, I became more motivated and was able to progress in my career.

 Desi is highly professional and honest, which made me comfortable to discuss even my biggest challenges. Working with her gave me the confidence to realize that I have all the answers inside of me.

Her coaching is perfect for leaders looking for the right path to grow in their career, whilst also keeping their work-life balance intact.

Farouq T. Al Oumi

Director of Human Resources at Kamco Invest, Kuwait

“I gained self-awareness which helped me to lead better”


Nawar Mahmoud

Head of Internal Control at Danone

“Empowered me to find my own solutions”

The coaching enabled me to achieve my professional and personal goals. It allowed me to explore new dimensions with confidence and courage. Desi has a very soothing persona and genuinely cares about her clients. She does not provide direct solutions but instead empowers you to find your own, in a structured way. This way the results are much more sustainable.

Her coaching is perfect for anyone wanting to make a change for themselves.

Fatima Anis

Head Finance of Service Center at Novartis Pakistan

“Helped me recenter and get practical results”

During each session, Desi helped me recenter my thoughts and efforts to get an effective and practical result.The biggest achievement was the ability to engage in effective self-reflection. I was able to transform critical thoughts into constructive ones and to make an impact in my work. I reflect all the time, but having a coach who acts as a sounding board and challenges me to go deeper has helped me to also move forward.  

Desi’s coaching is well suited for people with hectic schedules and managing many disruptions. It will allow you time to reflect and to think out of the box. If you walk in with an open mind and have a goal you truly want to pursue, the coaching will be well worth your time.

Faisal Al Othman

Director at Kamco Invest, Kuwait

“Empowered me to release my fears”

The coaching empowered me to release my fears. I experienced peace of mind after sharing concerns that had bothered me for a long time but that I had never addressed. Desi has a natural way of getting you to open up and to be honest with yourself. She is very professional and motivational and works with you as a true partner.

If you want to be successful as a leader and in your personal life, Desi is the right coach for you.

Anwar M. Fayad

Director of Legal Affairs & Compliance, Kamco Invest, Kuwait

“Desi made a significant impact on my life”

Desi has helped me in ways I never thought possible. She has made a significant impact on my life by helping me be more at peace with myself. Life’s problems and struggles have become much more manageable than before the coaching. She shares her own life experiences if/when appropriate which really helps me connect with her.

Coaching helped me improve my abilities to communicate effectively with people. It has provided me with tools and ideas to cope with difficult situations and circumstances. It helped me and would help any doctor with the ability to interact with patients and colleagues.

Dr. Nadia Malik

Doctor, Dubai

Small changes can have a big impact

Desi’s coaching sessions helped me to get a better understanding of my core values and what could be a good next step in my personal and professional life. I opened up my mind to different perspectives and new ways to approach challenges. Trying new things definitely helped me to grow as a person and as the leader.

The assignments for each coaching session were pragmatic and helped to apply new learning in my daily job. This allowed me to quickly progress as I learned small changes can have a big impact. This, in turn, gave me confidence to further grow and learn and pick up new ways to approach business challenges.

I would recommend Desi as coach for anyone who wants to explore their full potential. The experience was totally worth the time and investment.

Georgine Dat

Brand Manager at Pernod Ricard, Netherlands

I became the leader I aspired to be

My coaching centred around authenticity and leadership. I gained a better understanding of who I am, the leader I aspired to be, how to be that leader and the limiting beliefs that prevented me from reaching my goals.

The tasks I was held accountable to were stretching but never unattainable. Even though it didn’t feel like much from week to week, I was surprised to see how much I had grown both personally and professionally at the end of the coaching journey.

If you truly want to achieve your goals, Desi is the best coach for you. She creates a warm, open and safe environment to discuss matters close to your heart and provides brilliant coaching to nudge you in the direction you need to go to reach your aspirations.

Desi was as invested in my goal as I was and that made our partnership an absolute joy.

Nureen Tan

Consultant at ECENTA, Singapore

“I became more confident in myself and my abilities”

I have been working with Desi for over six months. She has unparallel listening capability, no judgment and I fully trust her integrity. Her coaching helped me to challenge myself to go to places that I have never been able to go before, to get things out, to find deeper meaning. The accountability was priceless – there was always tangible action for me to do between sessions.

What was your biggest achievement from the coaching journey? How do you feel that you transformed or changed?

Through the coaching, I discovering my three intelligences (mind, gut and heart) – how to listen to each one and to align and balance them. That was very powerful.

The coaching helped me make decisions with a clear mind and gave me a path to achieve my goals. I got clarity on how to manage expectations and come up with a robust plan to achieve my objectives. I became more confident in myself and my abilities. As a result, I was able to connect with my team on a deeper level, to better able to understand their perspectives.

Desi’s coaching is perfect for entrepreneurs who are looking for a sustainable way to manage their professional and personal life and to achieve work-life balance. 100% worth the time and investment.

Danbappa Muhammad

Co-founder and COO at Ehfaaz

“A mindset shift that transformed the way I behave in my work, life and family”

When my company announced the coaching program, I was a bit sceptical about the benefits and afraid that it may be a waste of time. I can confirm now that the coaching was absolutely worth my time. The opportunity to reflect on myself and to be challenged was priceless.

Working with Desi allowed me to make a mindset shift and to transform the way I behave in my work, life and family. She helped me to make tough choices and to navigate the constantly changing environment during the pandemic. I used to make decisions based on tangible aspects alone, but I learnt to take a more holistic view and consider the human side of things as well.

Amin Mousa

VP of Compliance at Kamco Invest, Kuwait

“Desi sparked an energy in me that I didn’t know was there”

At the start of the online-only coaching I was a bit hesitant. I didn’t know if it was going to work for me and whether someone would be able to change my ways of doing just by having short video meetings. But then I connected with Desi, a bright and honest coach who was able to make clear agreements between me and her.

She made me realize it’s me who’s responsible for things that happen and change in my own life and sparked some energy inside me I didn’t know was there. I have done things because of Desi that I had never done before. The coaching certainly helped me to find a new direction in my personal and professional life!

Daan de Groot

User eXperience Design Manager at Danone Netherlands

“For those who really want to make a change”

When I reached out for coaching, I had a lot of conflicting priorities. Desi helped me to find my truth and to navigate changes. Her coaching is action-focused, deeply caring and caters to those who really want to make a change. Her direct style forced me to be honest with myself, to confront my fears ahead on. I loved it. It was refreshing and has changed the way I reflect and feedback to myself. I see the effect she’s had on me to this day, 3 years after coaching. 100% worth the investment of my time and money.

Bianca Morris

Brand management, Procter & Gamble, Dublin

“Empowered me to find my inner strength”

As a leader in a complex and changing environment, I often felt torn between the right thing to do for  the organization, my direct reports and my own values. During this time, Desi was the perfect mental reinforcement with her optimism, energy and consistent support. She helped me unpack and then repack my own confusing thoughts and empowered me to find my inner strength and eliminate fear. I was able to look at the problems in different ways and find meaningful solutions, not only in my professional but also personal life. Desi introduced  me to the concepts of being present and making space. I would recommend Desi to anyone looking for a sincere, flexible, intuitive and passionate coach.

Svetlana Jankovic

Outpatient Clinic Manager, American Hospital Dubai

“I regained my self confidence”

I reached out to Desi when I was stuck on so many levels.There was so much clutter in my head, I didn’t know where to begin.

Now I have much grasp on where I am and where I want to go. I’m much more comfortable in my own shoes and I have a more steady rhythm in my life. I am here and living now and the clutter has melted from my head. i know how when to employ the right emotions I’ve also prioritized things in my head and I know the things that matter to me the most.

Through the coaching, I gained back my self confidence. Actually, I gained myself back.

Desi’s light hearted positive approach helps a lot. I wasn’t hindered for a second from being myself. I din’t feel shy being myself too or saying anything that may be perceivved as silly by other people. Her trustworthiness helped me a lot.

Hisham Abdou

Head of channel sales, LinkedIn

“It was easy to open up about significant issues”  

Desi is a genuine coach who allows you to explore and discover possibilities, often in a fun way. Her style provides a liberating environment where it becomes easy to open up about significant issues. My biggest “aha” moment was when I realized that helping other people can sometimes be harmful to me. I now try to control and balance such activities. I still like to help people! Desi is the perfect coach for anyone who hesitates to articulate to other people their real struggles.

Carlo Kaabar

Director of laboratory services and outreach, American Hospital Dubai

“Exciting personal growth process”

Desi inspired and motivated me to define my current career path and live a life in congruence with my values and passions. She is an incredibly talented, natural coach. With Desi’s optimistic vitality and consistent support, the mental stressor that come with come with my big career transition become an exciting personal growth process. I was able to find the right attitudes to deal with change and failure. I highly recommend Desi’s coaching who wants to define their vision or to overcome obstacles to achieve it. Looking at the big unknown by myself scared me but Desi was able to break it down step by step and helped me figure it out all the way.

Miguel Terrero

Sennheiser AMBEO Innovation Team, Zurich

“Helped me connect strongly with myself”

Coaching with Desi helped me connect strongly with myself and my values. Desi has been instrumental in providing clarity to my life purpose and opening my mind to opportunities I would normally shy away from.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started my coaching sessions but post these sessions, have emerged with a confidence to succeed. As I embark on new adventures I know that nothing is impossible if I put my mind to it. Coaching with Desi has made me a stronger person mentally and I look forward to engaging her whenever I feel stuck.

Uzma Rahman

Brand manager, Dubai

“Coaching with Desi changed my life”


Dima Zein

Clinic Operations Manager at American Hospital Dubai

“Coaching changed my life”

Connecting with Desi was such a magic moment! I started my personal transformation from that point back to half year ago. Desi has been with me from spring, summer to autumn – the harvest season.

With all her guidance, I gradually shaped my life purposes, values and dreams, which now directs me every day! I feel I’m more than ever confident to go MY way approaching MY dreams. It really changed my life. Thank You, Desi!

Ereka Heng

Procter & Gamble China

“I found a listener and supporter in Desi”

I enlisted Desi’s help at a time when my professional and personal confidence was at an all-time low. I lacked the passion I had when I first started in my field, and it was apparent that I was not living my purpose.

In Desi, I found a listener and supporter, someone who was able to help me make sense of the mangled clutter of my thoughts and insecurities, and help me arrive at my true purpose in life. As I embark on the first steps on that journey, I am a lot more confident knowing that I can always enlist Desi’s help if I should feel stuck again. Thank you, Desi.



 “Now I look at problems in a different way”

Desi has helped me to focus on my inner self. I am now better able to look at problems in different ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions.  Desi has been an exemplary professional coach. She exhibits a unique sense of interest in my life and her insights and direction are always on target. She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her ideas. I look forward to my conversations with Desi. She quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder.

Asif Hafeez

Jacobs, Bahrain

“I overcame my fear of public speaking”

One-to-one coaching with Desi has changed my perspective into the way I see life and the way I deal with obstacles.

The fear of public speaking was always my biggest issue and caused so much delay in my career. After the coaching with Desi, I am now confident and feel no more fear to give a speech.

My belief in me is higher and my capability to solve issues is improved after I met my “inner critic voices” and got to know they are not part of me. They are just tiny creatures that I can control and beat easily.

Thank you Desi, You made my life better. Highly recommended.

Inam Ahmad

PhD student, UAE

“A single coaching session can transform your day”

The coaching was a self-discovery process in which I found what I had been missing for a long time. I discovered my values and I found ways to embrace them and honor them more in my daily life. I am now able to handle stress ins a more creative way and look at problems from different perspectives.

Desi is very compassionate and easy to connect with. She quickly understanding of what my struggles are and helps me work on them.

It was absolutely worth the time and investment. Especially for the days that you feel blocked, stressed and overwhelmed, a single coaching session with Desi makes a real difference.

Athina Kotini

People Operations Manager at Klang Games, Berlin