I’m Desi Jagger – Changemaker, life and leadership coach and survivor

Through my coaching, I help Changemakers to engage people, to develop self-worth and to focus on what matters most.

From a 7 year corporate background in Procter & Gamble, I understand the challenges that professionals face. I also know that there is more to people than their 9 to 5. This is where I leverage my processional coach training and certification CPCC and ACC, from two of the most respected organizations globally.

What makes me who I am? Besides my experience leading diverse multi-functional teams, doing brand management, training and coaching, I am also a cancer survivor. I have seen the power of the mindset and I live by the principles I use in my coaching. I have seen how our thoughts can help us overcome the toughest challenges, I have experienced how we adapt to changes in our emotions, behavior and physical bodies and I know how mental clarity and focus can power us through anything.

With me, you will get someone who respects the professional side of life and cares deeply for the personal. My clients from all around the world walk away more self-aware, able to engage and more focused than when they began their coaching journey.

If you are a Changemaker, find out how I can support you:

What exactly is a Changemaker? Find out here.